Fisher League - Fisher Squash Ladder

Ladder Parameters:

Maximum Ranking Difference: 6
Challenge Expiry Period: 14 Days
Number of Unrestricted Challenges: 0
Allow Concurrent Challenges: Yes
Scoring System in Use:  First to 3 Games
Ranking Player Name Is Challenging Challenged by Last Match This Ladder
1 Oliver Sellers     20-Jun-2019
2 Zak Spencer     20-Jun-2019
3 Alex Thompson     13-Jun-2019
4 Amber Croucher     06-Jun-2019
5 Richard Owen     23-Jul-2019
6 Angus McConnell-Wood     23-Jul-2019
7 Simon Card     17-Jun-2019
8 Jack McClune     17-Jun-2019
9 Ollie Nathan     No Matches Played
10 Digby Morse     No Matches Played
11 Dominic Walsh     No Matches Played
12 Drew Felstead     No Matches Played
13 Andrew Birrell     No Matches Played
14 Jevon Williams     No Matches Played

Note: The above table was correct at the time of printing (03/Dec/2021 9:03 PM) but may have changed since then.
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