Samsung Cambridge - SC^3 Ladder

Ladder Parameters:

Maximum Ranking Difference: 5
Challenge Expiry Period: 7 Days
Number of Unrestricted Challenges: 0
Allow Concurrent Challenges: Yes
Scoring System in Use:  First to 3 Games
Ranking Player Name Is Challenging Challenged by Last Match This Ladder
1 Chris Hunter     16-Aug-2016
2 Michael Cowell     16-Aug-2016
3 Adrien Cabarbaye     No Matches Played
4 Behrooz Mokhtari     No Matches Played
5 Chetan Yadav     02-Aug-2016
6 Ian Hunter     No Matches Played
7 Jagjit Ashta     No Matches Played
8 Zbigniew Jerszynski     No Matches Played

Note: The above table was correct at the time of printing (16/Aug/2022 3:06 PM) but may have changed since then.
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