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Latest Site News: ...... Number of Registered Users: 32112 ...... Latest Clubs to start using online: RMAS ...... Kemsing & Wrotham Squash ...... mamaAmada ...... Latest Updated League Match Scores: 27 Sep 2023 - Scott McIntosh v's Michael Bunting - Score: 1-3 ...... 27 Sep 2023 - Michael Luder v's Roy Mussell - Score: 0-3 ...... 27 Sep 2023 - Isabel Cabero v's Gavin Potter - Score: 2-2 ...... Latest Updated Ladder Match Scores: 26 Sep 2023 - Jordan Lloyd challenged Nipun Agarwal - Score: 3-2 ...... 26 Sep 2023 - Jake Oldershaw challenged Nick Lallie - Score: 2-3 ...... 24 Sep 2023 - Matt Hallewell challenged Vincent Ye - Score: 3-0 ......

Create your own Squash Club Leagues and Ladders and host them all here - FOR FREE!

Having your own Squash League/Ladder Website is as easy as 1, 2, 3,.....

  1. Register as a user of the site
    It's easy and it's completely free. Just register as a user and you can then start to create your very own Squash Club Website to help you run your squash club's leagues and ladders.
  2. Enter the details of your Squash Club
    Create a separate area on the site just for your squash club. Only members that you select will be able to view the league and ladder details etc.
  3. Add details about your players, leagues and/or ladders
    Create accounts for all of your players, create your leagues and/or ladders.... and off you go! Alternatively, join an existing squash club - you can search for a club near where you live, and then send a request to join one of their leagues - click here.
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Free Mobile App

There's also a free mobile phone app available, that has the most common features available without the need to visit the website. This handy App allows users to login, enter their match results and check the latest results for any league division in their club. Users can easily and quickly access the contact details of fellow club members - and send emails, text messages or make a telephone call directly from the App without having to cut and paste these details from the website.

Click on either of the links below when viewing this page on your mobile phone to install the App from either the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for Apple products) - or Click Here to find out more. Click on either of the links below when viewing this page on your mobile phone to install the App from either the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for Apple products) - or Click Here to find out more.

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Direct Integration with SquashLevels Players' match results can be automatically uploaded to SquashLevels. This enables players to track their 'Ranking' within the wider squash community. Find out more here.

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Latest News

Well, the squash community seems to be gradually recovering from the effects of COVID. October 2022 saw the highest number of match results recorded on the website since records started in 2014 - with more than 3000 match results entered on the site. this is now in excess of pre-covid levels. Smash on!

Mobile App - it's worth trying this again! I have just discovered a problem with the mobile phone apps, that's been 'lurking' for a while! I know some users were experiencing difficulties with the app, but could never get enough detail to trouble-shoot it properly. I have now managed to do this, and found an issue which would have prevented any players registering after a certain date from using the app successfully - but it's all sorted now. So - if you have tried the app, but found it kept crashing upon login - then it's well worth trying it again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

The integration with the website has been enhanced to allow club administrators to omit results for chosen leagues being sent to SquashLevels. This is particularly useful for those clubs running both Squash and Racketball leagues on this site. Hence, the administrators can choose to send all Squash Match results to SquashLevels, but omit the Racketball results.

The option to send results to SquashLevels (or not) is on the "change league details" page.

Lots of relatively small improvements have been made to the site and the App in the past year. More are to follow, so keep an eye open for announcements of these additional improvements in the coming months. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for improvements to either the App or the website - please do let me know by going to the link - Contact link

Mobile App now available! There's now a mobile App (available for both Apple and Android devices) that compliments the website. The most common functions for league players are available on the App. Users can quickly see the state-of-play for their league division (who's played who, current positions etc.). They can enter scores for their matches, view the other divisions for their club, see a complete list of club members and contact any of these directly from the App - either by email, telephone or SMS, at the click of a button. Best of all, users can receive notifications of match results direct to their mobile phone - either just for their own division or for the entire club. These are sent immediately that a player enters a match result. I will be working at enhancing the mobile App in due course to extend the functionality, but in the meantime, I'm please to accept suggestions etc.

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