Club News:

11-06-2021   09:17:46

Good Afternoon Squash fanatics! I am about to launch the much anticipated return to squash June 2021 Phoenix league! Freshly risen from the ashes of a miserable year of isolation, overeating, under exercising and all round bollocks! (Or a great year working from home or on furlow depending on your personal situations..) Lookout for an e-mail via squash with the division details on, the start date is likely to be Monday and the end date in 6 weeks time. As it has been a while for the league I would ask that you each refresh your memory of the rules and how it all works. I am of course happy to help with any questions once you have checked over the documents attached onto the recent e-mail sent. Please note that shenley requires you to wear masks when walking through the building (but not when playing squash), if you want any further information on any of the covid measurers in place, or any other leisure centre rules please speak directly to shenley. They are on 01908 502488. If you could each take a moment to check through your contact information on the website too that would be greatly appreciated. So happy to be re-starting the league and hopefully there will be no further interruptions! I am keen to grow the league further so if you do know anyone who may be interested in joining please feel free to send on the flyer and ask them to contact me. Many Thanks All

04-11-2019   05:32:21

Good Afternoon All, As November is upon us I thought an update is about due. We now have 32 members in the club, meaning when the cycle starts again we will be up to 6 divisions. The divisions will be a mix between 5 & 6 players per division. If any of you know other players that may want to join please free free to send them my details. I can see many of you have not had any issues using the new result submitting format, having used it for the first time last night I feel its much easier and quicker than filling out a form at the courts. We have just over 2 weeks left so make sure you get as many games in as possible! (looking at you Div 2) I have updated the rules which are attached, please can each of you take a little time to familiarise your selves with them. They are mostly the same as before however a few notable changes: - 2 players from each Div will be promoted & demoted - 1 bonus point will be added to each player that plays all of their games in a cycle. - Players that play less than 2 games for 2 cycles in a row will be removed from the league, and should they wish to re-join can do at the lowest division. (If you are suffering from an injury/personal circumstance please let me know) - Walkovers are explained - until recently that terminology was not used in our league, but hopefully this is now clear. I think that's it, but please do have read through, they will be displayed behind the courts in time for the new league. You may notice that I have a new e-mail address, I have found that I need to separate the league contact from my personal e-mails, going forward if you do need to contact me regarding the administration of the league please use this e-mail address (, if you need to contact me regarding organising a game feel free to use my personal one. Either way they both come through to my phone so I wont miss any correspondence sent. Any questions or if there is anything you need let me know. Best Regards -- Lewis Waldron Shenley Squash League Administrator

20-10-2019   04:29:03

Hi All, I have taken over as administrator for the league. Should you need anything please contact me via email: or by phone 07854163205 . I am currently updating the rules and I will be sharing these very shortly, in time for the next cycle that should start around the 19th Nov 2019. I am also in the process of updating the info board behind the courts, watch this space! Thanks Lewis Waldron