Club News:

06-03-2020   22:01:19

Once you have made a challenge please play the game. Some people are making challenges but have no intention of playing. They are just “blocking” players below them from challenging them.

11-01-2020   08:22:21

Hello all - we now have some new Squash members added to the Ladder. Please make them feel welcome at the club. Regards Dave

20-10-2019   07:59:37

Hello all - Once your challenge match is complete please update the score on the ladder within at most 2 days of the match finishing. Also please don't challenge again straight away as this stops others from challenging you. I have no way of stopping this on the system though so please just leave it at least 2 days before your next challenge - just so we play in the spirit of the ladder system. Thanks. DA.

07-07-2019   05:21:56

The Squash Ladder is now live. Any issues ping me direct on WhatsApp. Dave Abberley.

06-06-2019   23:33:43

Welcome to Ladder1. This is our squash ladder for all DL Squashers at Chorley. Admin: Dave Abberley.