Club News:

10-10-2016   14:08:13

KTown Y House League Squash Rules of Play  The league consists of multiple divisions of player boxes.  Player boxes will consist of five or six participants. Box play will be in a round robin format. Each player in the box will play one match against each other player in the box.  Players will have approximately 6 weeks to complete the round robin by challenging other players in their box.  Match play shall consist of a “first to three game wins” format.  PAR format (11 or 15 as pre-determined by participants) shall be used for scoring the games.  Games are self-officiated using official WS rules.  The winning player is responsible for entering match results at the following website:  Players will be awarded points based on results from match play. Earned points will be used to determine league ranking for players.  After a 6 week cycle, new boxes will be formed based on player performance from the previous cycle. In each division, the player with the most points will move up one division, the player with the fewest points will move down one division.  New players may join at the start of a new cycle. New players will be slotted into a division suited to their skill level of play. Note: new player positioning may cause some player movement within the divisions.  Player ranking list will be generated and posted after each cycle.

02-10-2016   17:51:32

Thank you for all who have signed up for this house league to date. We are up to just over 20 players now which is a great start. I believe a sign up sheet has been posted at the Y so I will give it another week or so to see if we get more participants for the first cycle. The first cycle will end in the end of November so if we get started in a week or so it will more than likely be a longer cycle (seven or eight weeks?) than the 6 week term which the next cycles will have. Prior to starting the first cycle I will publish a set of rules so we are all playing the same game. Keep spreading the word and encourage your squash buddies to participate, it should be fun. MikeC