Club News:

15-04-2016   08:56:01

Orientation and General Guidelines - You may challenge upto 3 people above you to leapfrog upto their position. Challenge via the Blue Icon in the first column. You can also get challenged by someone below you looking for your ladder rung. You have 1 week to complete the match. - Arrange a time with that player via email or sametime. - Games typically take 15-20 minutes, so easy to drop into your schedule. - If you win, you assume their spot, and that person drops 1 spot. - Game format is wide open between the 2 players. Feel free to change it up according to time, preference, etc. Ladder is only interested in who won the match. - Default format if you need it is Best of 3 games, 21 points, win by 2. Switch serves every 5 points. - After the game, revisit the site, click the challenge time link, and log your winner (points not required, games only. ie Jerry beat Ben 3-2) - If person doesn't answer your challenge, and after attempting to arrange something, log in a forfeit. - Site automatically and instantly updates the results.