Club News:

15-10-2015   15:38:42

Hey Guys! Im looking into an online booking system at the moment for the courts as sometimes people arrive and end up waiting a full 40 mins to get on the court. If anyone is familiar with any useful online booking systems then let me know. Cheers, Jamie

28-09-2015   13:15:05

Hi Guys! New squash ladder for the impending cold season! A spot of fitness/fun! I'll make a more detailed posting once I've finalised numbers on the ladder e.g. Point-a-rally rules or not?? I'm also thinking that we will say that whoever has won most completed games by 'lights-out' is the winner (if one player has not already won 3 games). If you know of anyone else who is interested in joining then they can register themselves on the website. All levels welcome. It's a ladder so you can always play to the level that suits you. Speak soon. Jamie