Club Address: Fit2Fly, Al Jazeerah Towers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Short Description of Club:

Etihad Squash Club is a very friendly, easy-going club. We have players of all standards from those who say 'How do I hold this bat?' to those who say 'There's no way I am not winning this match' - but they all play with a great degree of sportsmanship. Join us - you will be most welcome! We run both a League and a Ladder.

Latest Club News:

25-10-2016   23:57:21

Etihad is participating for the first time in the World Airline Squash Tournament held in Dubai this year and hosted by Emirates Airline. Competing airlines are Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways. Kuwait have been putting up some good players over the past tournaments and Cathay following close. Let's keep our fingers crossed for our teams' first time participation in this competition.

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