Club Address: 33 Globaleduro 145 beongil, Daejeongeup Seogwiposi, South Korea, Jeju-do, South Korea

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A social leader!

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23-12-2020   18:47:36

Hello All, I'm sorry I never upload the leagues all those weeks ago! I've final got around to uploading them and hope that 2021 and a winter season means we will play much more! I've joined leagues together (1&2, 3&4, etc) and extended the period of time leagues are open for. League games should be played by Feb 28th 2021, yes 2021! Please offer each other a range of times and come to an agreement. It might be a good idea to get 4 people over to the courts and play a mini round robin. Games don't last long! Here are some links to the most recent PSA event; Finally, Heir Rosner has retired and in the interest of a having a slam-dunken wunderbar Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, here are his top 10; Happy squashing!

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