Club Address: Shenley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Short Description of Club:

Shenley Squash League - Free to Join, individual matches played at times that suit the palyers over 6 week cycle.

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11-06-2021   09:17:46

Good Afternoon Squash fanatics! I am about to launch the much anticipated return to squash June 2021 Phoenix league! Freshly risen from the ashes of a miserable year of isolation, overeating, under exercising and all round bollocks! (Or a great year working from home or on furlow depending on your personal situations..) Lookout for an e-mail via squash with the division details on, the start date is likely to be Monday and the end date in 6 weeks time. As it has been a while for the league I would ask that you each refresh your memory of the rules and how it all works. I am of course happy to help with any questions once you have checked over the documents attached onto the recent e-mail sent. Please note that shenley requires you to wear masks when walking through the building (but not when playing squash), if you want any further information on any of the covid measurers in place, or any other leisure centre rules please speak directly to shenley. They are on 01908 502488. If you could each take a moment to check through your contact information on the website too that would be greatly appreciated. So happy to be re-starting the league and hopefully there will be no further interruptions! I am keen to grow the league further so if you do know anyone who may be interested in joining please feel free to send on the flyer and ask them to contact me. Many Thanks All

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