Club Address: Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre, Preston, United Kingdom

Short Description of Club:

A Squash ladder for staff and students at UCLan looking to play fun, friendly and competitive Squash. HOW TO PLAY: Players are responsible for organising their own matches, this includes scheduling their court time by calling STFSC on 01772 895400 and entering results and scores within 24 hours after the match. HOW TO MOVE WITHIN THE LADDER: Ladder results are managed online with all the player names displayed. When a player wins a match against somebody above them – they switch places on the ladder. Players can challenge a maximum of 3 places above them. ACCEPTING/REFUSING CHALLENGE: Players must accept challenges that are within the appropriate amount of places from their standing. The challenge must be accepted within 48 hours and the games must be played within 5 days from the original request. MATCHES/FORMAT: The matches must be played in a first to 3 format for the purpose of entering results into the ladder. View all Club Results