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For peeps in compressors or distinguished guests

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10-10-2018   02:45:17

We will be using the World Squash singles rules 2014 to play . Sorry if you have used differing one before but we all should use a consistent system. The summary of these is below. The full list of rules can be found at SCORING 2.1 The winner of a rally scores 1 point and serves to begin the next rally. 2.2 Each game is played to 11 points, except that if the score reaches 10-all, the game continues until one player leads by 2 points. 2.3 A match is the best of 5 games THE SERVE 5.2 At the beginning of each game and after each change of server, the server chooses from which service-box to serve. While retaining the serve, the server must serve from alternate boxes. 5.3 If a rally ends in a let, the server must serve again from the same box. A serve is good, if: 5.7.1 the server drops or throws the ball from a hand or racket and strikes it correctly on a first or further attempt before it touches anything else; and 5.7.2 at the time the server strikes the ball, one foot is in contact with the floor inside the service-box with no part of that foot touching any boundary of that box; and 5.7.3 the ball is struck directly to the front wall, hitting it between the service line and the out-line, but does not hit the front and side walls at the same time; and 5.7.4 the ball, unless volleyed by the receiver, bounces for the first time in the opposite quarter-court without touching any line; and 5.7.5 the ball is not served out THE PLAY 6.1 If the serve is good, play continues as long as each return is good, or until a player requests a let or makes an appeal , or one of the Officials makes a call, or the ball hits either player or their clothing or the non-striker’s racket. 6.2 A return is good if the ball: 6.2.1 is struck correctly before it has bounced twice on the floor; and 6.2.2 without hitting either player, or their clothing or racket, hits the front wall, either directly or after hitting any other wall(s), above the tin and below the out-line, without having first bounced on the floor; and 6.2.3 rebounds from the front wall without touching the tin; and 6.2.4 is not out .

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