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Make like a tree and get outta here!

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19-10-2018   11:06:41

From the Desk of the (Co-)Administrator... Well, we have survived the end of the first ladder week. All eyes are on Chris "The Hammer" Hansen as he continues his meteoric ascent. But does he have the chutzpah to challenge The Gracious King to a title match? A weekend of rest and internal reflection may lead him to a decision. It's gutcheck time. Matt "Chariots of Fire" Ross continues to mesmerize the crowds with his flamboyant style - always an entertaining battle. What about the newer unknown players? Colvin and Wilson retain an aura of mystery. When will they strike? On the administrative side: - due to member feedback, we have reversed an earlier decision to allow concurrent challenges and will go back to one challenge at time for next week - please join me in welcoming Brendan as co-administrator Happy squashing, Trevor

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