Club Address: Palm Springs Estate, Fatuhada, Dili, East Timor

Short Description of Club:

This is a social club for members of DCP-TL, spouses, residents of PSE and guests. •You cannot challenge someone who is not in Dili, ill or injured. •If a player is challenged, he/she must play the match within 7 days. If the challenged does not play in that time, then the match is defaulted to the challenger. Please only accept one challenge at a time, on a first come first served basis. •Unscheduled matches are encouraged, and the scores can be relayed to who will enter them. •A player that has been inactive during a whole pay fortnight will be dropped by one rank on the first day of the following fortnight (starting Friday 10 March). •Games are scored to 9 points, where only the server can score a point. •Ball type will be agreed upon prior to the match •Warm up shall be no more than 5 minutes •First serve will be decided by a spin of the racket •First name basis only, on the court. •Fun is mandatory See below for World Squash Rules - we are using Alternate Scoring Sytem 2 (appendix 3)

Latest Club News:

23-04-2017   17:50:43

Online challenges have now been opened wide up. There are no longer restrictions on who you can challenge, based on position on the ladder.

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