Club Address: Planet Fitness @ The Buzz Witkoppen Road, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa

Short Description of Club:

With options for beginners, seasoned street squash players or someone with provincial potential looking for a game or competition The Planet Fitness Fourways Squash club is aims to provide a social club where people can play, compete and keep fit at the same time. We want people to enjoy the game whilst improving individually or as a competitive team to the standard they wish to achieve. How does it work? The club is for eligible members of Planet Fitness that have confirmed their wish to be included. Currently there is an open league for all players and a separate woman's league. If you would like to join a league just write your name and email in the squash file or send an email to the club secretary John Wiffin on or the club captain Mark McClue on We look forward to seeing you on the court.

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25-10-2020   10:35:54

Good evening Planet Fitness Fourways Squash League Members As I am sure you are all aware, the courts at PFF are still not accessible due to lockdown regulations. We have been communicating with both PF Management as well as Squash South Africa (SSA). In an attempt to get the courts open and squash up and running, we need to provide PF H/O with a list of our members who are keen to join SSA which will then, hopefully, allow them to play legally at PF. Based on the play being legal, PF should then be able to open the courts for play. There is, however, an annual membership fee payable to SSA of R120 (12 months, not calendar) per player which is required for those that wish to join and be permitted to play should the courts be reopened. Ravin Premnath has been handling the latest communication with PF and SSA and has offered to facilitate this. He needs a list by 12 pm tomorrow, Monday 26th October of members willing to pay the R120 along with their date of birth. Please email him at or Whatsapp him on 0611970756. If you are already an SSA member, please communicate this to Ravin as well along with your date of birth. Please note that this does not guarantee the PF will reopen the courts but it will mean that should you be playing squash anywhere else, you are doing so legally. Kind regards Richard

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