Do you want an advert-free experience for your members?

Club Administrators can choose to run their club with advert-free pages is run not as a profit-making concern, but because the author and creator of this site wants to give something back to the sport that has played such a large part in his life over the past 50+ years.

The way in which we pay for the fees involved in running the site is by including adverts on the site. Although this does not cover all of the fees involved, and in no way provide any 'profit' to cover the many hours of personal time and effort that goes into maintaining the site, this small income does help to keep the costs down.

However, we apreciate that some clubs would prefer not to see the adverts popping up on their club's pages, and we have therefore introduced an option so that club administrators can pay a small annual fee (currently £20) so that their club's pages are displayed WITHOUT adverts.

Anyone wishing to explore this option should, in the first instance, email the website administrator, saying which club they represent, and then they will be contacted with details of how to make the payment. If you simply want to see what your club's pages would look like without adverts, then you can also email the website administrator and ask for a free 7-day trial. You can also find out more about why the site is primarily run as a non-profit organisation here

If you are returning to this page after contacting the website administrator, and wish to complete your payment, click on the button below to complete the transaction using Paypal services. Please note that you can pay using your own Paypal account, if you have one, or alternatively pay using any debit or credit card.