Mobile 'Phone App

Free Mobile 'Phone App

There's now a mobile 'phone App (available for both Apple and Android devices) that compliments the website. The most useful functions for squash league and Ladder players are available on the App.

For League players, users can quickly see the state-of-play for their league division (who's played who, current positions etc.). They can enter scores for their matches and view the other divisions of their club.

For Ladder players, users can quickly see the current positions of all ladder players, make challenges to other players and enter ladder results.

All club members can see a complete list of all club members and contact any of these directly from the App - either by email, telephone or SMS - all at the click of a button.

Best of all, users can receive notifications of match results direct to their mobile phone - either just for their own division and/or ladder or for the entire club. These are sent out immediately after a player enters a match result.

I am currently enhancing the mobile App to include additional functionality, but in the meantime, please feel free to send me any suggestions for improving the App. Click on either of the links below to view the App on either the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for Apple products). When viewing this page on your mobile device, you can easily download and install the App directly using the links below, too.

Get it on Google Play Available on the App store