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Great slo-mo example of the Split Step This video clip shows some great examples of the Split Step in squash. It's from the Matthew vs Gaultier match in the Swedish Open Final, 2013. The first great example is at 00:27. See the article in the Blog for more details about the Split Step.
Interactive Squash - iSquash! A new idea that might reinvigorate squash as a more popular sport. A great way to attract young players and one that adds benefits for experienced players too.
Never give in, never surrender! A great example of why you should always try to get to the ball and return the shot........ A match between Mathieu Castagnet and Daryl Selby. Selby is in control during this rally, and Castagnet has to dive to reach a clever boast from Selby – and is on the floor when Selby makes a rather nonchalant lob to the back of the court, thinking he’s won the point. But no – Castagnet is up and on his feet in no time at all, and probably whispering to himself “never give up….” or something similar (!) he sprints to the back of the court, completely catching Selby off-guard by a drive down the wall.
Squash for the 2020 Olympics? A great video put together to showcase Squash and promote its inclusion in the 2020 Olympics. Sadly it was not to be! :-(
Grasshopper Cup 2016 - Final Gaultier v Mar. Elshorbagy - Grasshopper Cup 2016 - Final Highlights
Amazing Retrievals Paul Coll came out of his match against James Willstrop at the Canary Wharf Classicas event in London as somewhat of a squash superhero. He demonstrated his sporting prowess pulling off a number of tricky shots and throwing himself around the court to the delight of spectators and commentators alike.
A great set of Drills! This is a great set of both Solo and 2-player drills from one of the all-time greats - Jonathon Power. There are 100 in total, so plenty of variety. Well worth a watch, although I can't say Ive watched them all yet!
US Open 2015 - Final - Massaro v El Tayeb Highlights from the US Open 2015 Ladies Final - Massaro v El Tayeb. Good match to watch!
Great Rally - Matthews v's Gawad British Grand Prix 2015 - Mega Rally from match between Gawad and Matthews. A long, punishing rally! Great to watch.
Full Match - Rodriguez v Gaultier 2015 TOC Tournament of Champions 2015, New York City; Quarter Finals match between Miguel Ángel Rodriguez and Grégory Gaultier. One of the closest and best matches I have watched in a while! FANTASTIC! Enjoy!
Another great 'Megarally' Gaultier v Rodriguez, Tournament of Champions 2015. A very long, demanding rally showing the endurance of both players..........
Don't leave your raquet behind.... Richards drops his racquet and leaves it on the ground in the middle of a rally with Gregory Gaultier - but still wins the point a few shots later - very amusing!
Shabana v Elshorbagy Shabana v Elshorbagy - Tournament of Champions 2015; A great display of squash expertise from the master!
British Open 2015 Womens' Semifinals Excerpts from the semifinal matches between Camille Serme and Delia Arnold followed by the match between Nicol David and Laura Massaro.
British Open 2015 - Semifinals Excerpts from the Mohamed El Shorbagy versus Nick Mathew semi-final match of the Allam British Open 2015, followed by the Miguel Angel Rodriguez v's Gregory Gaultier semi final match. No Spoiler!
Don't try this at home! March 15, 2012 - Cameron Pilley is in Winnipeg for a tournament. The squash star holds the world record for fastest shot with a squash ball. The Free Press puts his hitting skills to the test...with a watermelon.
Canary Wharf Classic 2015 Round Up - Round 1 Canary Wharf Classic 2015 Round Up - Round 1 courtesy of PSA Squash
Mega Rally - Windy City Open 2015 A mega rally between Gregory Gaultier and Nick Mathew during the Windy City Open 2015
Men's Final - Windy City 2015 The Men's final of the World Championship in Chicago - World No. 4 seed, Nick Mathews (England) takes on the World No. 1 seed, Mohamed Elshorbagy (Egypt).
Open 2015 Round Up : Men's Round 1 [Pt1] Windy City Open 2015 Round Up : Men's Round 1 [Pt1] - PSA Squash TV. Very entertaining!
The Theory Of Deception A great Squashskills video - Jonathon Power On The Theory Of Deception. Worth 3 minutes of anyone's time!
JP Morgan Tournament of Champions : Mens Final JP Morgan Tournament of Champions : Men's Final Roundup - Highlights from a great match.
2014 Final - Women's World Championship Final of the Women's World Championship between Nicol David and Raneem El Welily at Wadi Degla, Egypt. A fantastic match, demonstrating why Nicol David has won this championship already so many times!
Double Whammy! James Willstrop demonstrates how to deceive your opponent (in this case Ramy Ashour!!) with a great double fake shot!
2014 World Finals - Ashour v's Elshorbagy One of the best games I have ever watched. Definitely worth 11 minutes of your time!