About SquashLeagues.org

Who are we? And why are we offering this service for free?

This website is maintained purely so that others can get as much enjoyment out of the game of squash as we have done over the years.

It is not our intention to make money from this site. We have built it and we operate it because when we were looking for a similar site, on which we could host our own League, it was hard to find a suitable one. The ones that we could find, were charging for their service, which in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing - but we wanted a free service, since we were only playing for the fun of it, and didn't have any club 'funds' available.

So - if you think you would like your Squash Club League Members to be able to update their match results online (from desktop, mobile or tablet), and have their own website that they could always access for the latest results and information - then give this a try!

If you want to find out about changes made to the website since launch, just click here to view Change Log

Please Note: in order to keep the total cost of running this site to a minimum, so that I can keep the site free to all, the site does display adverts for goods and services on some pages. Find out more about this, and how you can operate your own club in an "Advert-Free" way here.

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