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    It's easy and it's completely free. Just register as a user and you can then start to create your very own Squash Club Website to help you run your squash club's leagues and ladders.
  2. Enter the details of your Squash Club
    Create a separate area on the site just for your squash club. Only members that you select will be able to view the league and ladder details etc.
  3. Add details about your players, leagues and/or ladders
    Create accounts for all of your players, create your leagues and/or ladders.... and off you go! Alternatively, join an existing squash club - you can search for a club near where you live, and then send a request to join one of their leagues - click here.
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Latest News

Further enhancements added to the Fitbit functionality available on the website. Fitbit users can now download and chart their Heart Rate in finer detail and also "zoom-in" to specific times to see how their heart rate responded to periods of intense exercise. Find out more here.

Added functionality to allow Ladder Administrators to decide if all players are allowed to enter results for any (of their own) Unscheduled Matches, or if only the Administrator is allowed to enter these results. Also small changes made to prevent the entering of results after the league cycle has auto-closed. This was previously possible in certain circumstances by people other than the club Administrator. This has now been corrected.

Added functionality to allow hosting for "Squash Associations". This allows hosting on the website for multi-team, multi-division squash leagues, complete with fixture lists, team and player statistics. Also updated navigation so that users have a "My Home Page" giving them quick access to the places they are most likely to want to visit.

Added some fancy graphics to show where the various clubs are that use on a map of the worldCheck it out here!

The previously reported problem with the email server has now been rectified and normal service has been resumed. If any users experience further problems with the email server, then please let us know using the "Contact Us" link above. Thanks.

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